Change Centre

The journey home

After being homeless himself, Davey Duke thought it was time for a change. After his success with Street Soccer, Duke created Change Centre, a housing project aiming to to halve the battle against homelessness. As well as providing accommodation and living environment, the centre will motivate people to make positive changes to their own lives.

The branding needed to be strong and stable, with distinct nods towards the core sport at the heart of the centre; football.

Resident personalisation

After being homeless, the last thing the new residents need is to feel abandoned in their own room, and simply given a to-do list. On arrival, they would be greeted with a personalised arrival pack, consisting of a t-shirt, mugs and key ring.


Change Centre staff will be given business cards using a football shirt style surname.

Promotional material

The brand identity would be used in on and offline media

Brand guidelines

Homeless people need protecting from the elements. The same goes for the integrity of the brand.

International rollout

The brand would work to suit other countries, using the relevant colours and flag components.